Interview With Jannike Ebbing (@bisse_)

VV Girl Of The Month


            Real Estate Agent And Social Media Superstar @bisse_ wearing the Chelsea Coat, Pearl Top and Jersey skirt 


Who is Bisse?

I’m a 31 year old career woman working as a real estate agent and interior designer. At the same time I’m writing one of Sweden’s most visited interior design blogs and Instagram.

How come you became a real estate agent? 

I was helping my big sister, who’s also working as a real estate agent, for some time in Stockholm and I fell in love with the profession. I love that I’m able to control my own working hours, how much or little I want to work, and that I’m helping other people.

Do you have any tips on how to achieve your dream job?  

Visualise it, pretend that you’re already there. Set up a board with all your goals so that you can see them everyday. Work hard to get there and why not ask your role model for a lunch. Get a mentor.

What’s your view on clothing when it comes to your career? 

It’s very important to dress right in my profession. I’m taking care of peoples personal finances and I want my clothes to mirror how I am as a real estate agent.

What is your go-to piece on a morning when you have absolutely no inspiration and are in a hurry to work? 

Definitely a nice white blouse and black trousers together with my favourite tailored jacket – a combination that always works.

What do you treat yourself with when it comes to clothing? 

I treat myself with nice jackets in many different colours.

What are your favourite pieces from Veronica Virta’s fall collection? 

The Kate skirt and the matching Diane jacket that I posted on Instagram a few days ago, SO NICE! I also love the black Rosie pants, they fit perfectly and are so comfortable, and all the jackets haha.

Do you have any style icons?

Olivia Palermo!


Bisse in some of her favourite pieces from the Veronica Virta fall collection: Diane tweed jacket and Kate skirt 

Coco Chanel Suite At The Ritz Paris


During my inspiration trip to Paris two weeks ago I got to visit the Coco Chanel Suite at the Ritz. As a neighbour to Ritz Paris, Coco Chanel decided one day in 1937 to take a suite at the hotel. She immediately felt at home and stayed for 34 years. She decorated the suite herself. Among Chanel’s personal effects in her suite are portraits, sketches and pictures that are not on exhibition elsewhere. Ritz Paris has preserved everything intact.


Still can’t believe I got to visit the Coco Chanel suite, thank you Ritz Paris, dreams do come true!


Coco Chanel Suite

Coco Chanel Suite

Coco Chanel Suite

Coco Chanel Suite

Coco Chanel SuiteCoco Chanel Suite

Coco Chanel Suite


#veronicavirta girls!

We absolutely love this styling of the Vendela skirt in multicolor pink by Vendela Svensson (@vendelasvensson)

Andrea Hegard (@andreahegard) looking chic in the Breanne skirt

Malina Kragmann in Veronica VirtaMalina Kragmann (@malinakragmann) looking cool in our tweed biker jacket and Kate skirt in multicolor blue

Beautiful Ardita Deniz ( wearing a cape from an earlier collection


#veronicavirta girls


With these pictures of our lovely #veronicavirta girls we want to wish you all a lovely Friday!


Christina Saliba

Successful entrepreneur and businesswoman Christina Saliba (@christina_saliba)

looks fantastic in Alexandra tweed jacket in black!


Arijana Heinrici (@interiorbyjana) is also rocking the Alexandra jacket in black!


Anna Matkovich (@annamatkovich) is looking lovely in her Veronica Virta cardigan, you can find

a similar cardigan here!


‘Back To Business’ with Veronica


Interview with Veronica about the 9-5 business look!

Veronica Virta
Your designs are perfect for wearing to the office. How did you decide to start designing business wear for women?

When I started the fashion brand Veronica Virta I started designing clothes that I, myself, thought were missing on the market. I have previously been working as Finance Manager and CFO and have always had difficulties finding nice and feminine clothes that are suitable both at the office, but also during my time off. Femininely tailored clothing that can be matched in many different ways, that was the idea behind the brand Veronica Virta. Apparently there are many more women out there that values this kind of design, considering that the brand has been growing at record speed. I also love that our customers are everything between 18 and 80 years old!


Do you have any tips for women who want to dress more femininely at work? 
A couple of tweed jackets in your wardrobe is a good base. The matching possibilities are endless. It’s nicer to buy clothes that you can wear both to the office and on your time off. Our design is classic and timeless and you are gonna want to wear the garments for many years.
How do you take your office look from day to night in minutes? 
During the day I’m wearing a black dress and a tweed jacket. During the evening I’m wearing the same tweed jacket but changing the dress to a lace top and a pair of tight jeans.
Shop the Back To Business collection here

#veronicavirta girls!


Yippiii, it’s our favourite time of the week again, and we have seen #veronicavirta on so many beautiful girls the past week. Let’s get inpired by a few of them!


Tilde de Paula VV GirlsTilde de Paula (@tildedepaula) looking drop dead gorgeous in our pink flower bomber and flower pants.


Tilda Bjärsmyr in Veronica VirtaTilda Bjärsmyr (@tildabjarsmyr) rocking the Sandra tweed jacket in grey.


antligensockerfri vv girlsLouise Hafdell (@antligensockerfri) looking lovely in our Pearl top in white.


Vola VV Girls

Vola Udabe Randri (@olaizolav) looking cool in the Veronica Virta flower bomber in dark blue.

Alexandra Tweed Jacket in Light Pink


Alexandra VV World

Well hello there gorgeous!

Let us introduce you to the newest member in our Alexandra collection, the Alexandra tweed jacket in the loveliest light pink color. The jacket is woven from 100% soft cotton. You can find the jacket here.


#veronicavirta girls!


VV Girls - Ola

Ola Farahat rocking the Alexandra tweed jacket in navy blue.

VV Girls - Nina

Nina Zandnia looking classy in her Alexandra tweed jacket in navy blue.

VV Girls -Vola

We absolutely love how Vola Udabe Randri styled her Ivy top and Lily trousers with her pink Gucci slippers.

VV girls- incalssicfashion

@inclassicfashion looking stylish in her Veronica Virta Paris sunglasses.


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #veronicavirta when you share your pictures. We LOVE to see how you style your Veronica Virta pieces <3