The Black Pearl Top



We have got a new delivery of our sold-out Pearl Top in black, but hurry before they sell out again!

We absolutely love this styling by @shortstoriesandskirts 

Shortstoriesandskirts in Veronica Virta


Shortstoriesandskirts in Veronica Virta

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Veronica Virta Travel Diary: Milan and Paris


Day 1

Veronica Virta Milan


Busy day in Milan at the Mipel bag show and the MICAM, something really exciting is coming soon – make sure you stay updated 😉


Veronica Virta Milan


Time for dinner, I love Italian food! This evening I was wearing the Emelie tweed dress and our tweed biker jacket. I love this combo, the biker jacket gives the classic dress an edgy touch. Add a few necklaces and Voilá!

Day 2

Veronica Virta Milan


Enjoyed my daily cappuccino and some berries before flying to Paris. Until next time Milan!


Veronica Virta Paris


Arrived to my favourite city in the whole world, Paris. The view from my balcony is just perfect. This evening I was wearing our brand new set in white: The Caroline tweed jacket and Emelie tweed dress. So French!

Day 3

Veronica Virta Paris


Twice a year I’m flying to Paris to attend the Première Vision exhibition. This is where industries supplying material and services to the fashion industry come together in the capital of fashion. I get so much inspiration from just being at the trade show and this is also where I usually find fabrics for our upcoming collections.


Veronica Virta Paris


This is what I was wearing on day 3 in Paris – Our super popular Pearl top in Emerald green and the Caroline tweed jacket in white. If you like my pants I’m happy to tell you that they will be available online and in-store later this Spring! 


Until next time!


Veronica  Virta


VV Girls


Gorgeous Nina Ali from @lipstickmommy in our very popular Pearl top

Charlotte Perrelli in Veronica Virta

The one and only Charlotte Perrelli @laperrelli aslo looking smashing wearing our Pearl top

@isabelmarind in Veronica Virta

Beautiful @isabelmarind cruising around in her London sunglasses from Veronica Virta

@michellelamooi in Veronica Virta

Our lovely customer @michellelamooi looking classy in her Alexandra tweed jacket

The Valentine’s Edit


Veronica Virta The Valentine's Edit


Valentine’s Day is coming up and we have collected some of our most romantic pieces in our Valentine’s Edit. No matter how you’re spending Valentine’s this year, make sure to do it in a cute outfit <3.



Veronica Virta Valentine's Edit

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Meet Anna-Karin from Inclassicfashion


We partnered with Stockholm-based business woman and influencer Anna-Karin from Inclassicfashion, for a photoshoot wearing pieces from our SS18 and Classic Collection.  Read on for a look into her world! 


Inclassicfashion in Veronica Virta

Business woman and influencer Inclassicfashion wearing the Caroline tweed jacket and Alexandra skirt in navy blue

Who is Inclassicfashion?

A woman in the middle of life balancing a job within marketing and her big interest for fashion and style. During the past 5 years I have been working as a marketing manager within the IT-industry, but have recently started a new role as content manager at iDeal Of Sweden. In this role I get to combine my knowledge and experiences in marketing with my interest in fashion.

How do you balance your life as a business woman and influencer?

The balance is spelled planning. It would never work to have a high-performance job at a company and at the same time keep the quality I want in my pictures and texts for my own personal brand. I basically put in every Saturday for photo shoots and often sit long into the evenings writing. This is nothing I reflect on as being hard, because I love what I do.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

To learn how to breathe. It might sound a bit strange since everyone has to breathe in order to survive, but how you breathe affects your mood, performance and well-being so much. I try to take one hundred deep breaths every day where I am practising on my inhalation and exhalation. Yoga is also a great way to get better at breathing and something I need to pick up on again!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get so much inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, but also from fashion magazines and blogs. The Norwegian street style star Janka Polliani is my biggest style icon. She is always wearing tasteful but unexpected combinations with a lot of feeling.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?

The little black jacket! I love my Alexandra jacket and use it for everything from business meetings to dinners out and nights out. It is the perfect piece that you can dress up or down based on the occasion.

What are your most treasured pieces in your wardrobe?

It has to be the little black jacket or the perfect black everyday bag. Mine is a "Sac de Jour" from Saint Laurent which is my best style investment so far.

What are you most excited about in 2018?

To develop both in my professional life and within my personal brand Inclassicfashion. I look forward to many new and exciting challenges and collaborations this year. On a personal plan I am looking forward to moving into a new, bigger, home, and to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with my husband!

5 quick questions:

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Shoes or bags?


Skirts or pants?


Movie night at home or dinner out?

Dinner out and movie night at home, a combination of both!

Spring or Fall?

Fall. I love fall fashion with beautiful coats, rich colors and big scarves.

Inclassicfashion in Veronica Virta
@inclassicfashion wearing the Rosie jacket in navy blue and mobile case from iDeal Of Sweden

This is the story behind the brand Veronica Virta


Hope you like it! <3

VV Girls <3


Here are some of our lovely VV Girls from the past weeks. Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #veronicavirta for a chance to get featured!


Lovely @tildabjarsmyr wearing the Caroline Tweed Jacket from one of our previous collections

Our beautiful customer @gabriellamousa wearing our popular Pearl top and the Vendela skirt

Kennedy and Lauren from @keyestostyle looking absolutely lovely in their Girl Chelsea Coat and Joy Bow Blouse

Our stunning Norwegian customer @elineraae wearing our Vendela Skirt

Gorgeous @fsstudio out and about in Milan in our Savannah Leo Patterned Fur Coat


Have a lovely Thursday!


How do I take care of my tweed garments?



This is a question we receive quite frequently, and that’s why we want to address it here and give you some tips on how to take care of your Veronica Virta tweed garments so they last.

All our tweed pieces are made of the finest French or Italian tweed fabric. We recommend that you always hang the tweed garment on a hanger. If you buy a tweed jacket from you will get one of our luxurious velvet hangers, but any hanger works as long as you remember to hang them properly after use.

If your garment gets a wrinkle or two, and hanging them doesn’t help, you can steam your garments or use a steam iron.

You don’t have to wash your tweed pieces very often, we recommend that you hang out your tweed garments every now and then. If you need to clean the garment we always recommend dry clean.

If you take well care of your Veronica Virta tweed garments, they will last for many, many years!


“In a time full of trends, I want to remain a classic”


Three different #veronicavirta looks


The business look

The business look: Caroline tweed jacket, Chloe top, Alexandra tweed skirt & Veronica bag


The leisure look

The Leisure look: Casey frilled sweatshirt, Rosie pants & Veronica bag


The party look

The party look: Alexa tweed dress, Sienna cropped fur jacket & Veronica bag


Kick off 2018 with fresh updates for a wardrobe that will save you time and make you look fabulous for whatever event you’re attending. From the ultimate tweed jacket, to the perfect little black dress and beyond, these are the staples you’ll want to wear again and again, forever. Shop all Back to Business looks here and our favourite Off-Duty styles here.



Veronica Virta