When summer meets fall

When the fall is just around the corner and the summer is starting to end you know that the summer is meeting the fall. As the temperature is getting lower you need to be more warmly dressed. Without compromising on the sophisticated you. A good way to do that is by combining summer clothes with fall clothes. Just like Veronica has done in the picture above. She is wearing our cute Rosie jacket black, together with Emily pants white. The look is easy, chic yet sophisticated.


Veronica matches her Leo pants with…


Veronica matches her Leo pants with the elegant white Cleo top and the Alexandra tweed jacket.



With a pair of colorful printed trousers, there’s really no need for anything else. A classic simple blouse and a well combined jacket in clean colors is all you need. Add some accessories to complete your look.








Veronica’s get-away tips

Photograph taken in beautiful surroundings in Monaco on the designer and creator Veronica Virta. 


When going on a journey, wherever that may be, it’s important, not to say essential, to pack the right things. Veronica shares exclusively with us her tips on the ultimate get-away wardrobe.


Whenever I am away I like to be well dressed and accurate with the surrounding and destination that I am going to. My tips for the ultimate get away wardrobe, no matter where you are going or for how long you will be gone, is to pack garments that can be worn on countless occasions. That way you are guaranteed to always be well and successfully dressed. A long beautiful lightweight dress that you can wear at both the beach and after the beach is always a good idea. Add colourful sandals and a beach hat and you’re all set for a sunny day at the beach. Haley and Lucy are perfect dresses for both the beach and in town.


Veronica in Haley dress at a bohemian chic restaurant in Monaco.


Regardless of where I am going, I always love to have a cute top with me. Right now my favorite is the Pearl top either in white or pink. I like to combine it with a skirt or a pair of well suited trousers, Rosie pants in classic black or beige is always a suitable choice.


Veronica is wearing the sleeveless Pearl top at the hotel breakfast in Monaco.


The Sandra jacket and Kate dress in light blue are just as adorable worn alone as together. This is really my way of dressing. Classic simplicity. One look, multiple occasions to wear it. Just in my taste.

For a perfect night out on the town, all you need is a dress and a matching jacket. You are all set! Or for that business meeting, and why not have a cocktail at the legendary hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo while enjoying the beautiful view of the Mediterranean.


Veronica is dressed for success and ready for a evening in the spectacular settings of Monaco.


Summer is calling

Summer is here. The sunny weather and the warm sand beaches are calling. Are you ready for it?


We listed 3 must haves in your VV get – away summer wardrobe:


1. Long easygoing pastell dresses, (such as Haley dress turquoise or Lucy dress in light pink).


2. Light cool blouses/tops (Anna frill blouse)


3. Bright white color shorts (Nathalia shorts)


Complement your look with beautiful swimwear which can easily be worn underneath your dress. Be dressed so you’re ready for a day on the beach and in town.

Lily prints for the SUMMER



Janni Delér looks absolutely fantastic, wearing our Lily pants trousers and Ivy top. Check out the whole article and find out why she loves it so much, visit her website here. The story behind the Lily print stems from dreams about the summer, light and soft materials in colourful sets. We love the tastefulness and elegancy that this set conveys. We love the diversity for how you can wear it. You can dress it up by matching it with a pair of high heels, or dress it down by combining it with a pair of sneakers. One outfit set but with enormous possibilities and variations to how you can style it. The print is a new version of the beloved print from last season that also features the color navy blue. The print is also available in a cardigan and as shorts, perfect to wear at the beach club or in town. Wear it with Leonor top, in the color fushia or turqoise.


Now it’s here, Leo print in pink


The Leo shirt in the softest shades of pink

This shirt is the perfect garment to wear on so many different occasions. Endless possibilities for creating your own style and combine this shirt with. An absolute given favourite in your wardrobe this summer. Follow us on Instagram @veronicavirta and sign up for our Newsletter to take part of outfit suggestions so that you can make the most of your VV garments.

Interview with Veronica Virta about her Leo print

Hey there Veronica,

We have some questions for you!

 Veronica looks stunning wearing her Leo printed dress, click here if you would like to get one yourself.


 1/ How did you get the idea about the Leo print?

I love our Leo print since it has attitude. A luxurious feeling. It gives a good contrast to our tweed outfits and you can create a new look. The gorgeous color schemes give a summer feeling that you can combine for many different occasions. We created these designs so you can use for many events, separately or together. Combine the leo shirt with a tweed skirt to give you a cool and womanly business look. The pants with a top is perfect for a lunch at the beach during your vacation.


2/ What are the fabrics made of and how did the process go?

The thin beautiful viscose material feels cool against your skin and is a delight to wear on summer evenings. And the best part is, the fabric does not crumble and it is easy to wash yourself.


3/ Why do you choose France for your materials?

France is one of my favourite countries and I am very inspired here. The design and high quality makes it a natural choice for you and your wardrobe.


4/ How would you best style your Leo print with? For example what
accessories would you match it with, what skirt/pants etc?

When I am in the mood for a really eye-opening outfit, I pick the Leo pants together with the Leo shirt. (Just like the picture down below shows). A set like this is very popular and gives a pure luxury feeling. I gladly wear the pants with the Sarah top and a pair of of high-heeled sandals to go to the beach for lunch. The shirt is already a favourite and I match them with our tweed shorts. Perfect both for the beach and the city.


Veronica all dressed up in her Leo shirt and Leo printed pants, to shop the whole look click here.


5/ The Leo print has already become one of the bestsellers, was that a
surprise for you?

It feels so great to see the response we have received for our high-quality design and materials. Our customers dare to be special and see how they can combine our prints to the other design items in our collection. We are therefore continuing to make new prints every season that make a difference.


6/ If you would describe the style of the Leo print with only three
words, what would they be?

Attitude, Womanliness, Luxury


7/ Your design is very unique. Where do you get your inspiration?

When I design, I always think about what kind of clothes I would like to wear for different occasions. Clothes that feel unique and can be used for many years at a lot of different events. I get inspiration when I’m out traveling, especially when I go to France, Paris, Cannes and St.Tropez which I try to visit at least several times each year.