Breakfast with the Stockholm team

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast at Strandvägen 1 in Stockholm with the team. It is always so much fun and inspiring to meet everyone!




Manhattan Girl in our clothes

Like we have said many times before we just love our ambassadors. Here you see Manhattan Girl in Elizabeth cape and Silvia both jacket and skirt. Always beautiful!

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See Manhattan Girls blog post here


Interview La Touffe

Ten quick with Veronica Virta



La Touffe love to raise our Swedish designers and brands. Today we meet the amazing Veronica Virta and talk about how she went from being a CFO to a fashion designer, what the challenges are and tips to other young designers who want to succeed in the tough industry. 

How was the idea of the brand Veronica Virta born?

When I worked as CFO I had trouble finding female business clothes. I know that there are women besides myself who want something other than black suits that often lack that feminine touch. I saw a gap in the market for this type of clothing in the upper mid-price class. If you wanted something other than what most chains offered, clothes with something extra and with a little color it was difficult to find. I have always loved tweed jackets and had my own collection, that is why it felt natural to start with those kinds of pieces. A tweed jacket is also a great garment that you can wear both for work as well as leisure and match in an infinite number of ways.

Describe yourself with three words

Positive, full of energy, social

Describe your brand with three words

Timeless, luxury, female

What is Veronica Virtas stereotypical customer like?

We have a very diverse customer base, women between the ages 20-80. The common denominator is that they like our classic design, and that the garments can be paired with their own style. For instance, the 20-year-old customer often match a tweed jacket with a leather pant or a pair of jeans, while the 80-year-old customer chooses to match a jacket and a skirt thats made in the same fabric. We have many mothers who come into our stores with their daughters to shop as well, which is very fun. Then there are of course the many "business women" who feel our garments are perfect to wear to work. We also see that many of our customers match our clothes with bags and accessories from major fashion houses like Hermes, Chanel and Dior, to get the whole look.


What and who inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from other people when I travel to different countries and stay at different hotels. I constantly get new ideas in my head  when I see a specific fabric, I constantly live with my job and I love it.

What is your favorite piece?

Without a doubt, a tweed jacket or a tweed coat, those are pieces you can wear for many different occasions and always makes you feel well dressed. For instance, wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt under a tweed coat, still gives you a luxurious look.

What garment is your best seller?

Our tweed jacket called Alexandra, it has already become a classic and a favorite among our customers.

Tell us about a moment when you were really proud of yourself and your brand

I think it's great seeing people wearing my designs out on the town. It's still a cool feeling even though it has happened so many times now. I love seeing our customers and how well they style our garments. There are also a lot of famous people around the world wearing our design.

What is your advice to young designers?

Consider your idea carefully before you start and bring out what is unique about them and the design. It is very competative and therefore it is necessary to have a clear vision as well as something that differs from what is already on the market.

What is the biggest challenge of being a fashion designer?

To come up with new ideas that stand out but at the same time is in balance with what is commercial and what customers actually buy.

Carolina Gynning in our Elizabeth cape

Yesterday the swedish artist, designer and TV host Carolina Gynning wore our Elizabeth cape on her exhibition. We love love her glamorous look with high boots and skirt to the cape. You can find our Elizabeth cape here 



Veronica Virta in Paris

Veronica Virta is in Paris.

“It´s one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. I get so much inspiration every time I visit this city and even this time. I have been at a fabric fair, one of the biggest in the world. I love these fairs, I´m in heaven with all beautiful fabrics.”


“Of course I´m waring a tweed set when I´m in Paris. Actually a lot of people came to me at the street and ask about my jacket, I think it´s time to enter the French market :)”


One of my favorite hotels in Paris is Costes, so cozy and I love to sit on their out door restaurang. They have  fabulous food, this time I was eating  their cheese cake for dessert. The hotel have their own magazine, a luxury magazine with a lot of fashion. This hotel is just fabulous.



Of course I visited Ladurée in Paris, their stores and cafés are so beautiful, you just want to try everything.



The shopping in Paris is just fabulous and I love their beautiful buildings and the green treas outside this Dior store.




Interview La Touffe

Last week the founders of La Touffe made an interview with Veronica Virta. We love their company idea and I think more and more people will use personal shoppers in the future. You save a lot of time and get help to find the right key pieces for a good wardrobe. Thanks La Touffe for the great feature, you can read about Veronica Virta and her journey here:





Sneak peek in our Flagship store

Our flagship store is in Sturegallerian in the center of Stockholm. Come by and the our cozy store and meet the lovely girls that work in the store. In the galleria their is also a lot of good restaurants and cafés.



Tweed and Bouclé



Antonia cardigan