Veronica’s get-away tips

Photograph taken in beautiful surroundings in Monaco on the designer and creator Veronica Virta. 


When going on a journey, wherever that may be, it’s important, not to say essential, to pack the right things. Veronica shares exclusively with us her tips on the ultimate get-away wardrobe.


Whenever I am away I like to be well dressed and accurate with the surrounding and destination that I am going to. My tips for the ultimate get away wardrobe, no matter where you are going or for how long you will be gone, is to pack garments that can be worn on countless occasions. That way you are guaranteed to always be well and successfully dressed. A long beautiful lightweight dress that you can wear at both the beach and after the beach is always a good idea. Add colourful sandals and a beach hat and you’re all set for a sunny day at the beach. Haley and Lucy are perfect dresses for both the beach and in town.


Veronica in Haley dress at a bohemian chic restaurant in Monaco.


Regardless of where I am going, I always love to have a cute top with me. Right now my favorite is the Pearl top either in white or pink. I like to combine it with a skirt or a pair of well suited trousers, Rosie pants in classic black or beige is always a suitable choice.


Veronica is wearing the sleeveless Pearl top at the hotel breakfast in Monaco.


The Sandra jacket and Kate dress in light blue are just as adorable worn alone as together. This is really my way of dressing. Classic simplicity. One look, multiple occasions to wear it. Just in my taste.

For a perfect night out on the town, all you need is a dress and a matching jacket. You are all set! Or for that business meeting, and why not have a cocktail at the legendary hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo while enjoying the beautiful view of the Mediterranean.


Veronica is dressed for success and ready for a evening in the spectacular settings of Monaco.


Meet The Superstar Triplets @thetripletsss


For Siblings Day earlier this week we did an exclusive interview with the London based triplets behind the popular Instagram account @thetripletsss. Keep on reading to find out more about these gorgeous sisters.


@thetripletsss in Veronica Virta

Elnaz, Tanaz & Golnaz in their Alexandra tweed jackets in different colors


Who are @thetripletsss?

We are three sisters who are identical triplets. We are fashion and beauty enthusiastic, art and lifestyle lovers.

Have you always dressed the same?

Yes, most of the time. We used to look pretty much unrecognisable when we were toddlers. We are so lucky that tripling up things create such great impression on people.

How did you become influencers?

It all simply started when we decided to share our style, lifestyle and the passion to create and love to be inspired.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Each other! Believe it or nor our little everyday catch-ups stimulates our main inspiration. Apart from that, we pay a regular visits to art galleries, museums, shows and events and everything art related inspire us enormously. Also it goes without saying that social media is a huge source of inspiration, we are constantly getting inspired by other people and influencers/ bloggers.

Do you have any style icons?

Of course, we adore Caroline de Maigret, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Boshworth, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, the list can go on but guess we are good for now!

What is the best part about being triplets?

Arguing! Haha only kidding! Guess being able to share so many precious moments together in life is the best part.

What are you most excited about in 2018?

We are so excited about our very own project we have coming up this year, and can’t wait to share more with you!

So stay tuned x


@thetripletsss in Veronica Virta

Meet Rakel Hatz from Hatz & Partners


Rakel Hatz in Veronica Virta

Rakel wearing the Diane tweed jacket and Carrie skirt in multicolor pink


In March we teamed up with Rakel Hatz – The real estate broker and project consultant who after many years at Eklund Stockholm New York decided to quit to start Hatz & Partners. Her own real estate brokerage is focusing on sales and consulting within real estate development. On the projects that Rakel is working on she’s acting as an early stage advisor with the purpose of creating the most attractive housing product. She creates a concept and a brand for the project together with the developer and architect. On her free time Rakel is currently planning the construction of her own dream house, a modern architect-designed house where she’s planning on moving in in about a year together with her husband and their two children. Keep on reading to find out more about Rakel, a true VV Girl!


What inspired you to pursue a career as a real estate broker?

I’ve had a huge interest for real estate since I was young. When I think about the different places I visited while growing up it’s the homes that I remember the best. But it took a while before I realised that it would become my job. I studied Law before I started studying Building Technology and Real Estate Management at KTH. I’ve always been interested in improvement of real estate, to see the potential and develop it. It can be anything from renovating in the best way possible to creating a whole new project. It’s a big interest that eventually became my job.


Rakel Hatz has been sort of a personal brand already before you started your own real estate brokerage, how did you decide to start your own business?

 I got the idea for my company when I saw many sub-optimal new developments that I felt that I could have influenced in a positive way if I would only have had the chance to give the developer advice earlier on in the project. I was very happy at Eklund Stockholm New York, but after a few years there I realised that I didn’t need the company to take on the commissions I wanted. I actually felt that it rather limited me. I also felt that my personal brand was more important to the customers and I wanted to be able to create the service that I believed in without having to take other peoples opinions into consideration. I felt that I had both the experience and the self-confidence to stand on my own legs.


What are the things that you wish you knew before starting your own company?

As I was part of my previous workplace from the very start and had seen it grow I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what I didn’t. My ambition wasn’t to grow quickly towards becoming a huge company. I didn’t want to take on big costs and I rather wanted to decline projects than take on too many projects or projects I didn’t believe in.  A small company is very vulnerable when everything is dependent on you. You have to be ready to work even if you’re sick because it’s not guaranteed that someone can cover for you. I chose to ask oneone of my former colleagues on my adventure as I quickly realized that it would become very boring to do it all myself. It’s more fun to have someone to be able to exchange ideas with and also someone who completes me. I took on projects in my new company before I even had a business name, a website, an email or an office. It was quite an extreme start but at some point you just have to begin and what could possibly have been a better time than when I had so many fun offers? But if I hadn’t invited my former colleague to a partnership I would probably have been working myself to death.


Rakel Hatz in Veronica Virta

Rakel wearing the Alexandra tweed coat, Emelie tweed dress and Veronica Bag!


If you could name one woman who inspires you, who would that be and why?

It’s very difficult to choose ONE. There are so many strong and brave women who inspire me every day. A woman who inspires me a lot is Caroline Lidman, the woman behind the PR-agency Number 10. Caroline is extremely driven, has a lot of energy and are lifting other women around her. She is also a genius when it comes to building her own personal brand.


We really like your style, what is in your opinion the perfect everyday uniform and business look?

Thanks! A skirt and a blouse or a dress are the best clothes if you want to be well-dressed but comfortable at the same time. It can be difficult to find a dress that fits well so I’m mostly using two-pieces, a skirt and a blouse and with a cardigan or jacket over. I’m usually wearing the same skirts and matching them with different blouses and cardigans.


What are your advice to women looking in the mirror getting dressed in the morning?

Think about what you like the most about your body and highlight those things instead of thinking about what you don’t like and focusing on hiding that. Always wear clothes that fits fell and are comfortable – it does so much for your personal charm.  If the clothes don’t fit it’s important to remember that it’s the clothes that aren’t good, not your body. The clothes are supposed to fit your body, not the other way around. I’m rather having less clothes that fits well than a lot of so and so clothes.  But most important of all, if you have a daughter who is sitting next to you while getting dressed, never say anything negative or critical about your body (and of course not about any other woman’s body either).


What is your favorite Veronica Virta piece?

The Alexandra Tweed Jacket works well with skirts, dresses and jeans. I love my black one, it goes with everything!

The Carrie Skirt is also a favorite – I especially like that it has two side pockets. The Joy Bow Blouse is the perfect blouse that doesn’t get wrinkly which suits a mother who rarely looks very ironed after leaving the kids at preschool etc.


Rakel Hatz in Veronica VirtaRakel wearing the popular Pearl top, Alexandra skirt and Chelsea wool coat.

10 Quick Questions with Sanne Alexandra


Sanne Alexandra wearing Veronica Virta Sanne Alexandra wearing the Alexandra tweed jacket and Emily frill top


Not too long ago, we got the chance to shoot with the beautiful and oh so stylish Sanne Alexandra. With over 146.000 followers on her Instagram and blog, she’s definitely a girl to count on when it comes to style. The 28-year old Sanne is  aside from being a blogger and influencer also running her own lifestyle fashion brand, currently starring in the reality show Playmakers and on top of all a soon to be mom.

We were curious about learning more about Sanne’s fashion brand, so here, we ask the US-based influencer and fashion mogul about how it all started as well as 10 quick questions. Keep on reading!

Sanne Alexandra wearing Veronica Virta

Sanne wearing the Biker tweed jacket and Emily frill top


Tell us about your fashion brand? 

I started the brand in 2013 after dreaming about it for years. I didn’t have the knowledge when I first started the brand but I had the desire and passion. And I definitely the interest for fashion! I started by launching small with a New Years collection which quickly became a success. I have recently re-launched and am right now looking forward to focus on my lifestyle shop; where I will be selling my “must-haves”. We only have two products in stock at the moment but there will be more soon.


10 Quick Questions:


Early bird or night owl?

Night owl!

Adventurous or cautious?


Dancing or cooking classes?


Dress up or dress down?

Dress up!

Heels or sneakers for the rest of your life?


Classic or modern?

Classic with a twist

Online or in store shopping?

Store shopping, on vacation.. 🙂

Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?

Personal chef!

Go back to the past or Go forward into the future?

Go forward definitely!

Instagram or Youtube?

Instagram at the moment but getting more and more in to Youtube, that’s

where the future is I think.


Sanne Alexandra wearing Veronica Virta
Sanne wearing a Veronica Virta tweed set, coming later this Spring
Last but not least, what’s your favorite piece from Veronica Virta? 😉
My favorite piece is the white Emily frill top. It’s the perfect top to wear under all the pretty tweed jackets that Veronica designs. It also reminds me of so many nice memories as I was wearing it during our wedding brunch.
Sanne during her wedding brunch last summer in her outfit from Veronica Virta

Veronica About The SS18 Collection


Veronica Virta SS18


Tell us about the SS18 collection, how would you describe it?

The Spring Collection is classic and has a romantic touch to it. Every season you will find our most classic pieces, such as the Alexandra Tweed Jacket, in new colors for the season. We have noticed that this is very appreciated among our customers that find their favorite pieces in new colors.

What is the color palette for Spring?

This Spring is all about light pastels mixed with some classic colors such as navy blue and white. You will of course find some different shades of pink as well, as we know that many of our customers love pink as much as I do 🙂

Tell us about the design process?

As always in the design process I start by thinking what I would like to wear myself, and I want to create clothes that makes women’s everyday life easier. The other important thing is that I want the different pieces to be easy to mix and match in many ways.

Tell us about the fabrication for this collection?

For this collection we have used a lovely and luxurious tweed fabric in 100% cotton. It feels so light and smooth on the skin, which is perfect for Spring and Summer. Our tops are as always made of either super soft viscose jersey or by our wrinkle free crepe fabric, which makes all our tops very easy to wash and take care of.

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

The Alexandra Tweed Coat, it’s the perfect coat that works both during the week and for more festive occasions. I feel so well dressed while wearing it, and for the everyday look I pair it with tight jeans, a t-shirt and ballerinas.


Veronica Virta SS18

Meet Anna-Karin from Inclassicfashion


We partnered with Stockholm-based business woman and influencer Anna-Karin from Inclassicfashion, for a photoshoot wearing pieces from our SS18 and Classic Collection.  Read on for a look into her world! 


Inclassicfashion in Veronica Virta

Business woman and influencer Inclassicfashion wearing the Caroline tweed jacket and Alexandra skirt in navy blue

Who is Inclassicfashion?

A woman in the middle of life balancing a job within marketing and her big interest for fashion and style. During the past 5 years I have been working as a marketing manager within the IT-industry, but have recently started a new role as content manager at iDeal Of Sweden. In this role I get to combine my knowledge and experiences in marketing with my interest in fashion.

How do you balance your life as a business woman and influencer?

The balance is spelled planning. It would never work to have a high-performance job at a company and at the same time keep the quality I want in my pictures and texts for my own personal brand. I basically put in every Saturday for photo shoots and often sit long into the evenings writing. This is nothing I reflect on as being hard, because I love what I do.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

To learn how to breathe. It might sound a bit strange since everyone has to breathe in order to survive, but how you breathe affects your mood, performance and well-being so much. I try to take one hundred deep breaths every day where I am practising on my inhalation and exhalation. Yoga is also a great way to get better at breathing and something I need to pick up on again!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get so much inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, but also from fashion magazines and blogs. The Norwegian street style star Janka Polliani is my biggest style icon. She is always wearing tasteful but unexpected combinations with a lot of feeling.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?

The little black jacket! I love my Alexandra jacket and use it for everything from business meetings to dinners out and nights out. It is the perfect piece that you can dress up or down based on the occasion.

What are your most treasured pieces in your wardrobe?

It has to be the little black jacket or the perfect black everyday bag. Mine is a "Sac de Jour" from Saint Laurent which is my best style investment so far.

What are you most excited about in 2018?

To develop both in my professional life and within my personal brand Inclassicfashion. I look forward to many new and exciting challenges and collaborations this year. On a personal plan I am looking forward to moving into a new, bigger, home, and to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with my husband!

5 quick questions:

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Shoes or bags?


Skirts or pants?


Movie night at home or dinner out?

Dinner out and movie night at home, a combination of both!

Spring or Fall?

Fall. I love fall fashion with beautiful coats, rich colors and big scarves.

Inclassicfashion in Veronica Virta
@inclassicfashion wearing the Rosie jacket in navy blue and mobile case from iDeal Of Sweden

This is the story behind the brand Veronica Virta


Hope you like it! <3

The Veronica Bag


Veronica Virta - The Veronica Bag

Veronica Virta with her black Veronica Bag


As many of you might have noticed, we have now launched our very first handbag – the Veronica Bag. Veronica herself wanted to create the perfect bag that she had been looking for. She was looking for a bag that is feminine, classic and luxurious. The Veronica Bag is the perfect sized bag, it works perfectly both during the day and for the evening event. You can carry the bag by the top handles or the optional shoulder strap.

The Veronica Bag is a bag that can keep up with you and look super-chic at the same time, a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s crafted from 100% genuine calf leather. It features top handles, top zip closure and a tag. The bag opens to a canvas-lined pocketed interior. The bag is available in the colors black, purple and desert rose.

As Veronica has put a lot of time and effort into creating this bag she’s extremely happy with the successful launch of the bag and the positive response it has gotten from women in all ages. As this is the very first bag Veronica Virta launched, it felt natural to name it the “Veronica Bag”. But stay tuned, there is more to come!





The Story Behind the Alexandra Tweed Jacket

– An interview with Veronica about the jacket that has become a classic

Veronica Virta in her ‘ALEXANDRA Tweed Jacket‘ and matching ‘ALEXANDRA Tweed Skirt


How was the Alexandra jacket born?

The Alexandra model was one of the very first tweed jackets I designed. I designed it based on what I wished that I had hanging in my own closet – a jacket that can be used at almost every occasion. As I previously had been working as a Financial Manager I thought this was the perfect model for a jacket. The model is short and neat and can be used over a dress or paired with suit trousers. If you’re going for an off-duty look you can style them with leather pants or skinny jeans. The round neckline gives the jacket a classic silhouette, which will never go out of style. Our logo-embellished gold buttons makes the jacket even more luxurious and puts my signature on it.


Why a tweed jacket?

While working in finance, my dream was to have a collection of tweed jackets in many different colors hanging in my closet. With three kids, you have to dress quickly in the morning and a tweed jacket makes it so much easier. Match your jacket with a dress or with a top and voilá – you have a new outfit every day. However, I didn’t manage to build myself a decent collection of tweed jackets as it was really difficult to find tailored and good quality tweed jackets at a reasonable price level on the market at that time. That’s why I took the issue into my own hands and started designing them myself.


How did the jacket become a classic?

Alexandra is today our most-loved jacket. We have it every season in many different colors and fabrics. The Alexandra jacket is a fantastic investment that will never go out of style. The customers that buy the Alexandra jacket are aged everywhere between 18 and 80, and that is also proof of its classic and timeless design.

It’s fantastic to see that many of our customers are coming back and buying the jacket in new colors. They love the design and are building the wardrobe I dreamed of before. This is the best kind of response I can get, and it makes me love my job as a designer. To simplify the everyday life of women and make them feel pretty in my design.

Interview With Jannike Ebbing (@bisse_)

VV Girl Of The Month


            Real Estate Agent And Social Media Superstar @bisse_ wearing the Chelsea Coat, Pearl Top and Jersey skirt 


Who is Bisse?

I’m a 31 year old career woman working as a real estate agent and interior designer. At the same time I’m writing one of Sweden’s most visited interior design blogs and Instagram.

How come you became a real estate agent? 

I was helping my big sister, who’s also working as a real estate agent, for some time in Stockholm and I fell in love with the profession. I love that I’m able to control my own working hours, how much or little I want to work, and that I’m helping other people.

Do you have any tips on how to achieve your dream job?  

Visualise it, pretend that you’re already there. Set up a board with all your goals so that you can see them everyday. Work hard to get there and why not ask your role model for a lunch. Get a mentor.

What’s your view on clothing when it comes to your career? 

It’s very important to dress right in my profession. I’m taking care of peoples personal finances and I want my clothes to mirror how I am as a real estate agent.

What is your go-to piece on a morning when you have absolutely no inspiration and are in a hurry to work? 

Definitely a nice white blouse and black trousers together with my favourite tailored jacket – a combination that always works.

What do you treat yourself with when it comes to clothing? 

I treat myself with nice jackets in many different colours.

What are your favourite pieces from Veronica Virta’s fall collection? 

The Kate skirt and the matching Diane jacket that I posted on Instagram a few days ago, SO NICE! I also love the black Rosie pants, they fit perfectly and are so comfortable, and all the jackets haha.

Do you have any style icons?

Olivia Palermo!


Bisse in some of her favourite pieces from the Veronica Virta fall collection: Diane tweed jacket and Kate skirt