10 Quick Questions with Sanne Alexandra


Sanne Alexandra wearing Veronica Virta Sanne Alexandra wearing the Alexandra tweed jacket and Emily frill top


Not too long ago, we got the chance to shoot with the beautiful and oh so stylish Sanne Alexandra. With over 146.000 followers on her Instagram and blog, she’s definitely a girl to count on when it comes to style. The 28-year old Sanne is  aside from being a blogger and influencer also running her own lifestyle fashion brand, currently starring in the reality show Playmakers and on top of all a soon to be mom.

We were curious about learning more about Sanne’s fashion brand, so here, we ask the US-based influencer and fashion mogul about how it all started as well as 10 quick questions. Keep on reading!

Sanne Alexandra wearing Veronica Virta

Sanne wearing the Biker tweed jacket and Emily frill top


Tell us about your fashion brand? 

I started the brand in 2013 after dreaming about it for years. I didn’t have the knowledge when I first started the brand but I had the desire and passion. And I definitely the interest for fashion! I started by launching small with a New Years collection which quickly became a success. I have recently re-launched and am right now looking forward to focus on my lifestyle shop; shop.sannealexandra.se where I will be selling my “must-haves”. We only have two products in stock at the moment but there will be more soon.


10 Quick Questions:


Early bird or night owl?

Night owl!

Adventurous or cautious?


Dancing or cooking classes?


Dress up or dress down?

Dress up!

Heels or sneakers for the rest of your life?


Classic or modern?

Classic with a twist

Online or in store shopping?

Store shopping, on vacation.. 🙂

Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?

Personal chef!

Go back to the past or Go forward into the future?

Go forward definitely!

Instagram or Youtube?

Instagram at the moment but getting more and more in to Youtube, that’s

where the future is I think.


Sanne Alexandra wearing Veronica Virta
Sanne wearing a Veronica Virta tweed set, coming later this Spring
Last but not least, what’s your favorite piece from Veronica Virta? 😉
My favorite piece is the white Emily frill top. It’s the perfect top to wear under all the pretty tweed jackets that Veronica designs. It also reminds me of so many nice memories as I was wearing it during our wedding brunch.
Sanne during her wedding brunch last summer in her outfit from Veronica Virta