Carolina Gynning in our Elizabeth cape

Yesterday the swedish artist, designer and TV host Carolina Gynning wore our Elizabeth cape on her exhibition. We love love her glamorous look with high boots and skirt to the cape. You can find our Elizabeth cape here 



Veronica Virta in Paris

Veronica Virta is in Paris.

“It´s one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. I get so much inspiration every time I visit this city and even this time. I have been at a fabric fair, one of the biggest in the world. I love these fairs, I´m in heaven with all beautiful fabrics.”


“Of course I´m waring a tweed set when I´m in Paris. Actually a lot of people came to me at the street and ask about my jacket, I think it´s time to enter the French market :)”


One of my favorite hotels in Paris is Costes, so cozy and I love to sit on their out door restaurang. They have  fabulous food, this time I was eating  their cheese cake for dessert. The hotel have their own magazine, a luxury magazine with a lot of fashion. This hotel is just fabulous.



Of course I visited Ladurée in Paris, their stores and cafés are so beautiful, you just want to try everything.



The shopping in Paris is just fabulous and I love their beautiful buildings and the green treas outside this Dior store.




Interview La Touffe

Last week the founders of La Touffe made an interview with Veronica Virta. We love their company idea and I think more and more people will use personal shoppers in the future. You save a lot of time and get help to find the right key pieces for a good wardrobe. Thanks La Touffe for the great feature, you can read about Veronica Virta and her journey here:





Sneak peek in our Flagship store

Our flagship store is in Sturegallerian in the center of Stockholm. Come by and the our cozy store and meet the lovely girls that work in the store. In the galleria their is also a lot of good restaurants and cafés.



Tweed and Bouclé



Antonia cardigan

All about tweed and bouclé this fall

Veronica Virta wants the fall to be cozy and luxurious. This fall she have designed jackets, capes and coats in tweed, wool and soft bouclé.


nathalia                     cape