The Veronica Bag


Veronica Virta - The Veronica Bag

Veronica Virta with her black Veronica Bag


As many of you might have noticed, we have now launched our very first handbag – the Veronica Bag. Veronica herself wanted to create the perfect bag that she had been looking for. She was looking for a bag that is feminine, classic and luxurious. The Veronica Bag is the perfect sized bag, it works perfectly both during the day and for the evening event. You can carry the bag by the top handles or the optional shoulder strap.

The Veronica Bag is a bag that can keep up with you and look super-chic at the same time, a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s crafted from 100% genuine calf leather. It features top handles, top zip closure and a tag. The bag opens to a canvas-lined pocketed interior. The bag is available in the colors black, purple and desert rose.

As Veronica has put a lot of time and effort into creating this bag she’s extremely happy with the successful launch of the bag and the positive response it has gotten from women in all ages. As this is the very first bag Veronica Virta launched, it felt natural to name it the “Veronica Bag”. But stay tuned, there is more to come!





The Story Behind the Alexandra Tweed Jacket

– An interview with Veronica about the jacket that has become a classic

Veronica Virta in her ‘ALEXANDRA Tweed Jacket‘ and matching ‘ALEXANDRA Tweed Skirt


How was the Alexandra jacket born?

The Alexandra model was one of the very first tweed jackets I designed. I designed it based on what I wished that I had hanging in my own closet – a jacket that can be used at almost every occasion. As I previously had been working as a Financial Manager I thought this was the perfect model for a jacket. The model is short and neat and can be used over a dress or paired with suit trousers. If you’re going for an off-duty look you can style them with leather pants or skinny jeans. The round neckline gives the jacket a classic silhouette, which will never go out of style. Our logo-embellished gold buttons makes the jacket even more luxurious and puts my signature on it.


Why a tweed jacket?

While working in finance, my dream was to have a collection of tweed jackets in many different colors hanging in my closet. With three kids, you have to dress quickly in the morning and a tweed jacket makes it so much easier. Match your jacket with a dress or with a top and voilá – you have a new outfit every day. However, I didn’t manage to build myself a decent collection of tweed jackets as it was really difficult to find tailored and good quality tweed jackets at a reasonable price level on the market at that time. That’s why I took the issue into my own hands and started designing them myself.


How did the jacket become a classic?

Alexandra is today our most-loved jacket. We have it every season in many different colors and fabrics. The Alexandra jacket is a fantastic investment that will never go out of style. The customers that buy the Alexandra jacket are aged everywhere between 18 and 80, and that is also proof of its classic and timeless design.

It’s fantastic to see that many of our customers are coming back and buying the jacket in new colors. They love the design and are building the wardrobe I dreamed of before. This is the best kind of response I can get, and it makes me love my job as a designer. To simplify the everyday life of women and make them feel pretty in my design.

Interview With Jannike Ebbing (@bisse_)

VV Girl Of The Month


            Real Estate Agent And Social Media Superstar @bisse_ wearing the Chelsea Coat, Pearl Top and Jersey skirt 


Who is Bisse?

I’m a 31 year old career woman working as a real estate agent and interior designer. At the same time I’m writing one of Sweden’s most visited interior design blogs and Instagram.

How come you became a real estate agent? 

I was helping my big sister, who’s also working as a real estate agent, for some time in Stockholm and I fell in love with the profession. I love that I’m able to control my own working hours, how much or little I want to work, and that I’m helping other people.

Do you have any tips on how to achieve your dream job?  

Visualise it, pretend that you’re already there. Set up a board with all your goals so that you can see them everyday. Work hard to get there and why not ask your role model for a lunch. Get a mentor.

What’s your view on clothing when it comes to your career? 

It’s very important to dress right in my profession. I’m taking care of peoples personal finances and I want my clothes to mirror how I am as a real estate agent.

What is your go-to piece on a morning when you have absolutely no inspiration and are in a hurry to work? 

Definitely a nice white blouse and black trousers together with my favourite tailored jacket – a combination that always works.

What do you treat yourself with when it comes to clothing? 

I treat myself with nice jackets in many different colours.

What are your favourite pieces from Veronica Virta’s fall collection? 

The Kate skirt and the matching Diane jacket that I posted on Instagram a few days ago, SO NICE! I also love the black Rosie pants, they fit perfectly and are so comfortable, and all the jackets haha.

Do you have any style icons?

Olivia Palermo!


Bisse in some of her favourite pieces from the Veronica Virta fall collection: Diane tweed jacket and Kate skirt 

‘Back To Business’ with Veronica


Interview with Veronica about the 9-5 business look!

Veronica Virta
Your designs are perfect for wearing to the office. How did you decide to start designing business wear for women?

When I started the fashion brand Veronica Virta I started designing clothes that I, myself, thought were missing on the market. I have previously been working as Finance Manager and CFO and have always had difficulties finding nice and feminine clothes that are suitable both at the office, but also during my time off. Femininely tailored clothing that can be matched in many different ways, that was the idea behind the brand Veronica Virta. Apparently there are many more women out there that values this kind of design, considering that the brand has been growing at record speed. I also love that our customers are everything between 18 and 80 years old!


Do you have any tips for women who want to dress more femininely at work? 
A couple of tweed jackets in your wardrobe is a good base. The matching possibilities are endless. It’s nicer to buy clothes that you can wear both to the office and on your time off. Our design is classic and timeless and you are gonna want to wear the garments for many years.
How do you take your office look from day to night in minutes? 
During the day I’m wearing a black dress and a tweed jacket. During the evening I’m wearing the same tweed jacket but changing the dress to a lace top and a pair of tight jeans.
Shop the Back To Business collection here

Veronicas spring closet

Spring is here and it's time to update your spring wardrobe. Veronica gives you her best tips to create an easily matched wardrobe that can be used for many different occasions.


I started Veronica Virta with the goal of designing clothes that were not available to me. Through my own desires and listening to the wishes of others, the lifestyle brand Veronica Virta was created. Classical female clothes in good quality that works for both work and leisure.

I previously worked as a Finance Manager and I wanted to dress feminine with a touch of color at work.  I have always invested in clothes in good quality that feels up to date over many years. That´s even how I´m thinking in the design process for Veronica Virta, the design should be easy to wear and easy to match for different occasions .

Our customer base is all between 20-80 years, "I think that´s a good sign, that we have succeeded in our thinking about timeless fashion"

The jackets you should have in your closet this spring:

"Alexandra tweed jacket, it´s our classic tweed jacket and our bestseller. For spring you find it in many different colors, white, pink, blue and you can always find it in black. 

Our Biker jacket in tweed is a jacket you can use all year, both inside and outside and it´s a bit different in style from the Alexandra jacket, they complement each other well.

For Spring you also need a coat. " I love tweed coats, wear it with jeans and t-shirt and you have a stylish spring look".






Veronica Virta in Paris

This week Veronica has been in Paris. We have got some pictures from the trip.


"I love Paris, it´s one of my favorite cities in the world, so romantic and beautiful. I get so much inspiration everytime I visit Paris. Right now I´m starting to design our spring-18 collection, for sure there will be a french touch in the design :)"




It was still cold in Paris and Veronica wore some of her best garments this time of year. Buy them here:

Elizabeth cape

Angelina Wrap coat

Alexandra tweed skirt with buttons

Veronica Virta has designed a biker jacket in tweed

For this season Veronica has designed a biker jacket, which is very unexpected for the brand. The jackets are of course made of Veronicas favorite fabric, tweed. 

" As you probably know, I love different tweed fabrics, it's feminine and classic and feels luxurious. It's amazing that you can make so many different types of garments and try with new models. Our new biker jackets feel modern and cool, but all our garments suit all ages. I wanted to create a modern and tougher tweed jacket and the result was our new biker jacket. Zippers and buttons in gold make the jackets feel luxurious, I am very satisfied with the result and this will be a favorite in the closet. "


The biker jackets is made in two colors, blue and beige. Find the jackets here:

Tweed jackets




Veronica Virta Velour, cozy but stylish!



Veronica Virta has just released a velour set, they look very comfortable and cozy! Veronica tells us about the idea behind.

-As always I design the clothes that I miss on the market. I have for years been looking for a velour set that is comfortable but also stylish. Even when I´m home I want to feel feminine and stylish, and in this velour I´m even comfortable to go outside my door 🙂

What makes this velour set special?
-The quality is fantastic and the fabric is made in Sweden.  It´s super soft and you can feel that this velour set will stay in shape and last for many years, this is a good investment.

The gold details looks very luxury
-The zippers are in gold and gives the set a luxury and feminine look that goes in line with our other collection.




You find the velour set in three different colours, pink, grey and black.
Buy them here: Velour

Interview La Touffe



La Touffe is a personal shopping service in Stockholm, which consists ten stylists with different experiences and knowledges. We will help you with express solutions and customer-focused styling. The idea is that we will do the shopping for you and then you will try it on in your home with your stylist. In this way you won't have to commit to any specific stores or brands and you will get a professional help for a reasonable price.

Anna and My,  La Touffe

Anna is wearing our cape Elizabeth with our bow top in white, and My is wearing our black bow top and Alexandra skirt

How did you get the idea and when did you start the company?

The idea was born last fall when we started talking about what it would be like to work as a stylist. Many stylists are self-employed and we concluded that it must be pretty tough to be balancing client consulting and still have time to focus on sales and marketing. Another thing with personal shopping is that it's seen as a luxury service. This is something we want to change. We want to make it more accessible and so what we did was to create a service where the client can get their own stylist for a reasonable price while we at La Touffe is focusing on saving time for everyone and handling the sales and marketing for the freelance stylists.

What is your target audience?

Since we just launched in Stockholm, our service is for the busy and hard working women and men living in Stockholm.

How would you describe your fashion style?


It all depends on what mood I'm in. I realize that I never have had to put it into words, but if I try, I would say that my style is business with a touch of preppy.


The leather pants is undoubtedly a key item for autumn! If you have a cable knit sweater for instance, the leather pants will give you another dimension to your outfit. Cool and stylish!

Why did you two choose to work together?

We have worked together for four years so we know each other's work ethic, strengths and weaknesses and complement each other very well. We have become very good friends but our strength is that we started out as colleagues in a fast moving environment.

What inspires you?


People on the street, on instagram etc.


If I see a lovely style on the street it's almost as if I want to get up to that person to take a photo of them save it to my Pinterest.

Style Idol?

My: Miroslava Duma

Anna: There are so many to choose from but Gary Pepper Girl, Nicole Warne, are among some of my favourites.

Do you have any advice for other women who are thinking of starting their own business?

- Find a good partner!

- Do not be afraid to ask, the worst that can happen is that you will get a no. However, you will be surprised by how many it is who are willing to help.

- Just do it. You don't have to have a detailed plan before starting. When you get started, things will just start to happen, your mind will be in the right mood to see opportunities and solutions much clearer. Our first idea of how our company was supposed to look like, is not how our it is today.