Fashion and design have always been a part of my life and inspired and influenced me as both a working woman, and as a mother. I grew up with a grandmother and mother that had their own sewing atelje and by that time my interest for fashion started. Then I chose a career in finance, but interest in fashion has always consisted and 2014 the fashion brand Veronica Virta was launched.

How it started

As a professional working in leading positions within the financial sector, I have had difficulties finding clothes that I both wanted and needed. I started Veronica Virta with the goal of designing clothes that were not available to me. Through my own desires and listening to the wishes of others, the lifestyle brand Veronica Virta was created. Clothes that are feminine and classic with a touch of colour, work for both business professionals and the everyday woman. Timeless elegance with an endless possibility of combinations makes Veronica Virta a brand that every woman can enjoy and love.



About the collection

Every piece in the collection combines versatility with ease, and is perfect for any occasion. Every woman should feel feminine and chic in my clothes. Pieces from Veronica Virta will light up your wardrobe, through classic, tailored clothing that you will feel proud to wear.



My girls

I myself am a mother of 3 and it has been a dream to create a children's collection. This dream has now become reality and we have spring-17 released our first mini-me collection. Tweed jackets, dresses and skirts in mini format that can be matched with her mother, how sweet isn´t that.